Monday, February 20, 2006

Trying to change myself

So after writing the post today afternoon.. I thought and I did my best to resist myself..
and in between watch two movies of totally different genre...

first one was Chasme Baddur .. and I must say.. such a beautiful made movie.. simple, down to earth, scenes closer to day to day life and a twist in the tale.. such a simple yet humoruous movie you can't resist yourself from laughing at the pity of Siddharth Parashar

Second was grandeur Gladiator ... breathtaking visual, splendid starcast, superb acting and packed script.. shooted with excellence..

these two movies.. of two extremely different kind.. really made my day.. it is the time to play Counter Strike.. but I am not playing.. planning to watch another movie..

And i forgot to mention.. just finished watching Eurotrip .. what a funny movie.. watched it with Prakhar and my dear Maadu.. and we were rolling on the floor all the time.. not that much humour but we made it ourselves ;)

time to start a new movie, in most probability it will be pirates of carribean .. cya folks..

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