Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The New logo for my blog

This is the new logo I am planning to use for my blog.
The idea came from Flickr.
And I used a web based logo generator to get the effect.


I have just started working on a new project within my organization.
The project is related to the Fish! Philosophy which started as an initiative at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.

The Fish! idea is all about having fun at work. It involves imbibing a fun culture in the workflow and processes so that employees enjoy their 40 hours which are spent in the otherwise boring work environment.

But it is different from Entertainment. Entertainment are temporary activities which are not done on day to day basis.

Lets see how much fun we can imbibe in our company culture :)

P.S. If have any cool/wild/whacky/weird ideas about fun@work......... pleeeeeeeeeease let us know, we are running out of ideas.

Some Kewl Quotes

  • I came, I saw, I Blogged.
  • The greatest virtue of a man is to accept his shortcomings.
  • If life gives you lemon, sell lemonade.
  • Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed.

The New Vista

Hamad Darwish (The guy behind some stunning Windows Vista wallpapers) has uploaded some hi-res shots of the work which he has done for Vista shoot. The shots are stunning and looks awesome on the desktop.

Hamad Darwish 's Website

Long Zheng interviews the guy

Monday, February 26, 2007


Just when I was about to restart blogging, there was surge of events which happened to my professional life.. and I am back to work.. 12+ hrs a day..

I was pretty serious that I will blog sincerely this time...
Don't know whether I will be successful or not