Monday, December 01, 2008

Time flew by

Some of the people might have noticed that I haven't posted something significant on this blog for quite a while. There are few reasons behind that.
1. Blogger beind blocked in the network
2. Not getting much time to write a complete post
3. Getting used to twittering.

So, recently I have been tweeting a lot especially related to movies which i am watcdhing these days.. catch it all at

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Micro-Blogging, Social Media and twitter comes of age.
#mumbai - Twitter Search

Friday, July 11, 2008

All in a days work for an A.C.O.N.

Warning: The post is full of overused cliché and Yodaism and silly grammar mistakes. And some events have been exaggerated for dramatization.

he stays close by to the office, so that he can reach office in time and without wasting much effort on commutation.
he utilizes his commute to write cheques.
he reaches office, runs to have his breakfast (mind you, there is a long queue waiting for him there)
All this so that he can attend a badly timed 09:00 AM conference calls with the onsite monsters.
Gobbling up pieces of stale Idli, he thinks of excuses to avoid any action item.
Enthusiastically, he reaches to his desk (ya, it is a huge desk, after all, it is a conference room)
And to his utter disgust, the meeting got cancelled. What a start of the day!
He then makes a mental list of things to do and not to do during the workday.
Thanking to some good souls in his Acon group, he found out a way to the bliss, i.e. orkut and gtalk.
He invests his next one hour in catching up with old friends and beating his organization's reputation to smithereens.
time for a quick discussion, where, being an MBA he is, he is able to avoid any task coming upon him.
Few more chit chats, and time for the second most important activity for the day, what they call it as a lunch.
A good dose of Mini-Thali and few puffs of passive smoking later, he is refreshed.. to commit the sin called work.

It is post lunch, he is feeling drowsy, but there are still some pending task which are haunting him. Determined he is, he starts of completing these one by one so that he can get back to his bliss. he prepares some artifacts which are known as Word Documents and Visio Drawings(what the hell is he drawing anyway, nobody is able to understand) It is the efficiency which matters, not the effectiveness.

An other round of bliss, followed by few more discussions (no donuts here :( , it is India). he is all set and looking forward to call it a (work) day. And as he sees the number of people online are dipping, he jumps, swipes out and run for what they call is the Nirvana.. hey hold on.. this can't be the end of story, there should be something more to it.. right.. oh.. wait.. here it is..

The Nirvana is - CS. He runs to a makeshift sitting area in classroom. It is three building far and as luck would have it, it starts pouring. But I told you earlier, this guy is determined. Unflinched, he moves on, getting all drenched in the process. He sees his goal in sight.. He rushes and finally reached the heaven where he will attain an hour long Nirvana..

so you guys must be thinking, enough of this shit, what else..
There is only one icing on the cake. It dawns on him that if has to catch the 07:15 bus, he has to move really quick. The newly launched Bicycles in the office will come handy. He sees only one available. He reaches for it. It is a hate a first sight. It is Gaudy Pink, with stupidly design seat. Anyways, he carries on, and then he sees, that he is on the wrong side of the road, a car is coming toward him and the lovely? bicycle has no brakes!!!! he was a non-believer, all these series of unfortunate events make him pray to the Almighty. thankfully, the car driver was in senses and avoids a unavoidable collision.

Then there is a happy ending to the story. He runs to catch the bus, reaches just on time. and hopefully he will find a good seat so that he can reach home without any more challenges.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

first mobile blog

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am Tweeting

Check out at

Twitter is a new microblogging platform. I have installed a client on my mobile so i hope I will be bit more frequent in my updates.

I have added a twitter section on top of my blog page.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

Placeholder post.
Will be written, once the complete series is read.

Destination UK - Part II

This is a photo Travelogue.(as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words)

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Air India - The worst flying experience of my life

By the grace of God and good wishes of my dear friends and family, I had completed my journey to London and back safely, despite otherwise intentions of our national carrier Air India.

It all started, on a bright and sunny day of 31st September. It was my first International flight and I have been in many domestic routes on Frills and No-Frills services (except Air Deccan).

First shock, an old lady at the check-in counter.
Second shock, flight delayed by an hour.
Third shock, pathetic in flight service.

However, the story doesn't end there. While returning, as wished by our dear office traveldesk, I was again booked on Air India. The flight was scheduled to depart at 2055. So being cautious, I reached the Zone F, terminal 3 of Heathrow by 1800. Now this means I was there well three hours before the departure.

Fourth Shock, A long serpentine Queue to get in to the Check In Queue.
Fifth Shock, The Queue for Queue took nearly two hours for me to clear up.
Sixth Shock, The Queue took nearly forty minutes for me to clear up.
Seventh Shock, There was a huge crowd waiting at the lounge to get into the plane. gosh.. it wasn't looking like an international airport, It was like a train station,
Eigth shock, no blame to Air India, the weather was turbulent so for sleep all I could had was two short naps.

My Dear Traveldesk, please never book me again on Air India..

N73 - My new companion

After a four year long courtship with my Samsung C 100 cellphone, I finally ditched it and bought myself a new Nokia N73.

I bought it from Carphone Warehouse in London. Beside the updated firmware, I also bought a 2GB miniSD card to store all those high-res 3.2 mp images and 128kbps audio mp3 files.

I have completed a successful transition from my old phone to new phone.. by manually transferring all the contacts and messages. yes, I said manually, because C100 only has Infrared connectivity which also doesn't seem to work..

Anyways, looking forward for another good long relationship.

Iceman is finally a champion

For last three years, I have been supporting Kimi Raikkonen for F1 drivers championship. And finally the moment has arrived. In a nail biting season finale at Interlagos (it is a beautiful circuit and is my 3rd favorite, Belgium and Suzuka being the first two), Kimi won the race and as Alonso failed to finish in top two and Hamilton in top six, Kimi won the championship by a huge margin of "one" championship point. Mclaren which was claiming of driver equality can now sheepishly boast of equal points of Alonso and Hamilton. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch this grandeur race as I was flying back to India.

Finally the time to celebrate.

P.S. We must not forget the contribution of local hero Felipe Massa who held onto second place which ensured a Ferrari one-two finish.

P.P.S. Watch out for Hamilton in the next season, he will surely continue his momentum.