Sunday, February 26, 2006

Express Yourself

Why? Why it is difficult for someone to express his/her most precious feelings called love. Why someone loves one from the bottom of the heart yet so afraid to tell about it. Why, when we love someone so much, are afraid of losing them if we express our feelings? Why don't we have the conviction which is fundamental for any emotion especially love?

And I don't know the reason.

P.S. Some relationships stay as friendship while they have potential for much more


Shekhar said...

Hmm. Tough questions.

//And I don't know the reason.

And even tougher answers. Does anyone know them? I doubt it.

ani said...

the all consuming sadness in life is go thru life witout lettin the person u luv knw tht u luv them. point is...its betrayal frm the start if u dnt tell them wht ur feeln. rite? so if u really really care give it ur all...

n there are no answers... coz there are no questions. jus a few mental blocks that need to be removed.

ani said...

:) will try!!

wanderlust... said...

the answer is fear! the answer is in your line 'when we love someone so much, are afraid of losing them if we express our feelings'
the fear of listening 'no' from the other. a no means you lost, and in this case you are losing your loved one!
and other reason is this great thing 'love' due to which you dont want to hurt your loved one by any of your words or deeds! so you dont speak at all!
what say?