Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Here are my ratings for some recent movies and some books I read

  • iCon : Steve Jobs - 4/5 - A dramatic story of fall and rise of Steve Jobs. The story sometimes get lost in the plot
  • Transformers: 3.5/5 - Cool Action/CGI sequences especially when cars transform into autobots. However the storyline has some loose connections.
  • Apne: 3/5 - A nice touching family story. Good performance by Dharmendra. Sunny Deol was disappointing
  • Chak De India - 4.5/5 - Finally a well made sports movie. Never in the movie you feel that Shahrukh Khan is overshadowing the story or the theme of the movie.
  • The Negotiator - 3.5/5 - When I read any Frederick Forsyth novel, naturally I do a comparison with The Devil's Alternative. That's why this one loses out to TDA. Otherwise a good story but surely not the best work of FF.
  • Heyy Baby - 1.5/5 - Cheap Vulgar jokes. underused Vidya Balan. and lacking any emotional connect.

Formula 1 : The Final Five Face off

The Formula 1 season has entered the final five races and it hasn't got any closer than this in recent past. There are top two teams and four key drivers swapping podium places in each race. Now it will all boil down to Ferrari's reliability and McLaren's speed. Lewis Hamilton is performing well and all set to win Drivers' Championship in his debut year provided he doesn't suffer any mechanical failures or punctures tyres.

Another pleasant surprise of the year was Massa. Initially dubbed as driver no. 2 for Ferrari, he is giving his teammate Kimi Raikkonen a run for his money. Both of them have a very positive competition going on between them unlike as what we saw between Alonso and Hamilton.

One more team to be watched is BMW who are constantly performing well all through the season. If they keep this up during the off season testing and development, they will be a serious title contender for next year's championship

So let's close this post on a positive note. Vijay Mallya has bought a 60% stake in Spykar. His company Kingfisher already has a sponsorship with Toyota. Both of these and a recent visit by Hermann Tilke are all good signs for some INDIAN hopes on F1 radar.