Sunday, February 19, 2006

Experiment with myself

so I haven't posted for past four five days.. got quite busy..with my first love.. my computer

The daily schedule went awry, the planning went to nadir, nothing worked as per plan and what all I did these days? playing Counter Strike and FIFA 2005 and Formula1 2002 and Pedal to the metal and... the list goes on.

Seriously.. sometimes I think, am I wasting my useful days playing those silly computer games. But then I realise there are learnings in those games also.

So after lots of thinking, I bring this list of what one can learn from these games:

1. Team building (CS)
2. Strategy (CS)
3. Tactics (FIFA)
4. Teamplay (FIFA)
5. Consistency (F1)
6. Business Simulation (Pedal to the Metal)
7. Competitive Analysis (CS)
8. It ain't over until it is over (F1) ... Anubhav will agree
9. Jinx (F1) @ spa

However, all this gaming action is taking its toll.. Feeling extremely tired.. haven't seen any movie in past week, haven't read newspaper, haven't seen morning sun, haven't taken breakfast for ages, haven't played TT for so much time.. the list is endless.

Still unable to decide.. but I think I will have to resist myself..


Shekhar said...

Good...your priority is in the correct places. Bahut aage jaoge baccha !! :D

Himanshu Jain said...

bas aapka ashirwad chahiye