Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rudeness personified

I went into introspection mode last day and there were two reasons for it. First one is that I have all the world's time at my disposal and the second one, more important, is a lot of people, some of them are very close to me, are complaining that I am being very rude to them on some occasions.

I must agree, after those 5 hours of thinking and wasting two of my friends' one hour each, occasionaly I do behave *rude*, so to say. But my sole intention is to add some pun to a very heavygoing/boring discussion.

People take it offensive, and this includes my best friends who know me for more than one and a half year!! I don't know what to do. Should I adapt myself. After the feedback I got from the counselling of two friends, I think I need to.

So, my resolution for the day is,

"No more offensive pun, No witty one liners, No sarcasm, only Direct Dil Se"

1 comment:

Shekhar said...

Hey, a little bit of apna'pun' could never hurt friends. ;)