Friday, June 01, 2007

Reservation, Caste System, Mob Mentality

Times of India Editorial (Requires Indiatimes ID)

Gujjars have OBC. They want ST. Meenas are ST. They feel it will affect them negatively if Gujjars are also given ST. The state government made some high promises during election and not able to live up to them now. I don't understand the logic behind this whole reservation system. And let me be very clear, I am anti-reservation and feel that there should be meritocracy and no one should be preferred because he/she is from a specified caste but equally powerful as non-specified caste.

All modes transports to Jaipur are blocked. There were incidents of violence in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon. Even Delhi-Dehradun highway was blocked. Shoot at Sight ordered in Bharatpur and Dausa.

I don't where it is heading, and I think Vasundhara Raje is as clueless as I am.

May God bless all with enlightenment

Image copyright: Times of India/R K Lakshman

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