Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bloglink: Wanderlust Gaurav Sharma

It is a bird? No... It is a plane? No... .It is Superman? No... It is Gaurav Sharma..

He is new to blogger, just started blogging... he thinks it is a fad and it looks cool,/geek/ nerdy to have a blog of yourself...he even believes it can get you laid...
Just do some ego massage for him by visiting:

Enjoi.. if you can.

1 comment:

wanderlust... said...

cool, geek, nerdy... dont u think u referring to urself buddy? :p
yes me is new, but not eyes-wide-open fascinated as you think!

here only for masti!
and i dont cry over movies, tv shows... it was just that one line and i said it was unexpected!