Monday, November 28, 2005

Team McLaren Mercedes: Facts & Figures


.. Sends between 95 (fly-away races) and 135 (European races) personnel to each Grand Prix.

.. Has a race team which comprises: technical director, race team manager, senior race engineer, chief mechanic, software engineer, race strategist, two driver engineers, two assistant engineers, two system engineers, two data analysts, 10 mechanics, two gearbox mechanics two fabricator/carbon repairmen, engine dress, chief truckie, two tyre men, electrician, two support crew, security, senior fuel technician, fuel technician, spares co-ordinator, team co-ordinator.

.. Has a test team which comprises: test team manager, test team engineer, two driver engineers, two assistant engineers, two system engineers, chief mechanic, 12 mechanics, two gearbox technicians, data analyst, engine dress, two tyre men, spares co-ordinator/chief truckie, three full-time truckies, fabricator/laminator/truckie, part-time truckie.

.. Transports approximately 30 tonnes of freight, including three complete race cars at approximately 600kgs each, to grands prix.

.. Takes three spare gearboxes to each race, two built with rear suspension and one loose unit.

.. Takes eight engines to each race, one in each of the four cars and four loose spares.

.. The Team Communications Centre, the team's trackside hospitality unit, travels to all European Grands Prix. It has two floors and comprises offices, meeting rooms, kitchen and dining areas and driver rooms.

.. Takes approximately seven seconds for a pit stop, with 29 crew working on each car, to refuel and to change four wheels and tyres, and the cars can be refuelled at a rate of 12 litres per second.

.. Completed approximately 52,000 kilometres when testing during the 2003 season.

.. Completed approximately 17,000 kilometres when racing in 2003, including Practice, Qualifying, and Races.

.. Generated 40 gigabytes of data during all race meetings and 75 gigabytes of data at all tests in the 2003 season. This equates to about 35 full CDs' worth of data.

.. Consumed 70,000 litres of Mobil Unleaded fuel for track work during the 2003 season.

.. Competes with a car that typically handles 2,500 gearchanges during a race. This figure varies from circuit circuit.

.. Competes with a car that is typically capable of the following performance:
0-60mph / 0 - 96kph 2.3 seconds.
0-100mph / 0 - 160kph 3.6 seconds.
0-100-0mph / 0 -160 - 0kph 6.6 seconds.
and can decelerate from 185mph to a standstill in 3.5 seconds.

.. Michelin supplied Team McLaren Mercedes' race cars with 2304 tyres in total for the 17 Grand Prix weekends in 2003. (1360 dry-weather tyres and 944 wet-weather tyres)

.. 4500 drawings are need to created the 11,000 components that make up each car. This is equivalent to 22 telephone directories.

.. The drivers are subjected to forces of up to 5G under braking.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Website

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